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I'm in high school and I have to write a paragraph about myself.
My teacher and I both know that no one is going to write a sincere paragraph so I'm just filling up space.
I want to be an aerospace engineer and this class sounded like fun so i took it. Scratch and the coding class were kind of fun but i can tell that html will be the death of me.

My List

1) Claire de Lune by Debussy
2)Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
3)Planets by Holst
4)Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovski
5)Nocturne in Eb by Chopin

Period 1 Government Mrs. Fawley
Period 2 Precalculus Mr. Montrella
Period 3 Wind Symphony Mr. Quirion
Period 4 Exploring Computer Science Mr. Borad
Period 5 English 4 Mrs. Park
Period 7 Marching Band Mr. Quirion

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